PLACING A PARENT IN ASSISTED LIVING IS A ONCE IN A LIFETIME EVENT. There is no way to be fully prepared for it ahead of time. There is no course you can take. In fact, probably neither you nor your parent really knows what Assisted Living is.

IT’S AN EMOTIONAL TIME FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY. Siblings often disagree among themselves how best to care for an elderly parent. Parents are losing their independence and often rebel against all evidence that says they belong in Assisted Living. Children often feel guilt when telling a parent he or she can no longer live alone safely.

THE ASK-CAROL! LIST WILL BE SHORT, probably three or four Assisted Living Facilities that are well matched to your needs. We’ll introduce you to their staff, help you arrange tours, and talk with you after every visit. We’ll stick with you from start to finish or as long as you need us.

WE ACCEPT NO ADVERTISING. Unlike the other referral sites, we accept no advertising or promotional fees from facilities. This means we can be independent in our suggestions of appropriate facilities for your loved one.


  • How do I know when it’s time for Assisted Living?
  • How do I have ‘the talk’ with my parent?
  • What’s the right assisted living facility?
  • What about Home Care or a Nursing Home?
  • How can we afford Assisted Living?
  • Are there programs to help pay for it?

WE’LL ANSWER ALL OF YOUR QUESTIONS – FREE. Ask-Carol! Certified Senior Advisors are not sales people. They have been trained by the Society of Certified Senior Advisors in many issues of the elderly. They have passed a difficult exam that proves their competence. Many have dealt with their own parents or helped seniors through volunteer work or in a senior facility. They will give you guidance and support, and stick with you as long as you need help.