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My name is Patricia Koahou, and I am Carol’s Senior Living Advisor in the Springfield/Branson, MO area.

Born in Germany, my grandmother always made sure that I had a very good understanding of life and people.

She used to say, “Don’t dismiss the elderly, they have been around way longer and know things that you still have to learn. If you listen they can teach you a few things about life and what they have gone through and what might be in the cards for you.” Unfortunately, my grandmother did not live to old age herself. She died of cancer on a Christmas Eve at 53 years old. My grandparent’s picture is below.

After struggling to find my path, I found it through medicine.  So in 2002, I started my degree as a Physician Assistant and worked for years at a Long-Term-Care facility. Throughout my time in the facility, I learned many things from many outstanding doctors about what it means to be the best at what you do and to use all the information at my disposal to give the best care to my patients.

Patricia Koahou Grandmother

After 6 years, I decided to move to America and see what life had to offer here. After meeting and marrying my husband and raising my daughter, I started work at a non-medical home care company in South Carolina, first as a caregiver and eventually as the office manager, after which we relocated to Missouri.

I have found that working with the elderly is what makes me happy.  I joined Ask-Carol so that I could do just that. I am looking forward to speaking with you. I will help you with tasks such as…

      • Guide you through an often complex process.
      • Ask questions you might overlook.
      • Find financing options for your budget.
      • Suggest the communities best for your parent
      • Offer personal support during a difficult time.

Call me at 417-719-7577 or fill out my contact form (on the right side of this page) days, evenings, or weekends. I promise I will help you through this difficult time. My help is free.