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Atlanta, GA Area. I’ll Help You at No Cost

Assisted Living Atlanta GA

My name is Cornelia Crenshaw, RN, and I am Carol’s Senior Living Advisor in the Atlanta, GA area. I’ve been a nurse for over thirty years, and I’m also a Certified Independent RN Patient Advocate. I love helping people, especially seniors. The picture at the left, below, is of my Mom, Juanita.

I chose to work with Carol because she understands the difficulties of finding care for a loved one and has personally helped over a thousand families. Carol and I understand what you are going through because we have faced similar problems.

Tragedy struck my family twice, only a day apart. One day my Dad passed away and the very next day my Mom had a brain aneurism rupture. Over time she recovered well, but dealing with the healthcare and emotional issues was a strain for both of us, even with my experience. I understand why it can be so difficult for other families, because I’ve been through it myself.

cornelia-crenshaw-momI think my main attributes are my empathy, patience, and ability to dissect medical jargon into everyday terminology. I’d love to help your family find appropriate senior living and care for your parents and loved ones. Most often I find that assisted living is the best solution, but sometimes its independent living or even home care. Every situation is different!

I know what it’s like to struggle with making a decision about care for your loved one because I faced it with my mom. I look forward to helping you find the best care possible at an assisted living facility in the Atlanta, GA area so that your loved one can have the fullest life possible. If there is an assisted living facility in Atlanta GA that matches your needs, I will find it for you.

I will help you with tasks such as…

      • Guide you through an often complex process.
      • Ask questions you might overlook.
      • Find financing options for your budget.
      • Suggest the communities best for your parent
      • Offer personal support during a difficult time.

Call me at 1-470-377-5555 or fill out my contact form days, evenings, or weekends. I promise I will help you through this difficult time. My help is free.

“There is no cost to you for my help. I am compensated by a group of personally-selected assisted living communities. For some of my placements I receive nothing at all except the satisfaction of helping families in a difficult time.”
– Cornelia Crenshaw, RN, CVRN, BSN, iRNPA