Find The Right Assisted Living Or Nursing Home In Central New Jersey

Lisa Carol ShockleyLisa Shockley is your local Senior Living advisor for Central New Jersey. Lisa’s mom is Carol, founder of Ask-Carol! Lisa experienced firsthand what her mother went through caring for her Grandmother in her later years. After several falls, broken bones and memory loss, the family knew she needed serious help. When they found the right assisted living facility for her grandmother, Lisa helped with the move-in and felt comfort knowing her grandmother was safe and happy.

Witnessing how much better assisted living was for her grandmother than living at home, she wants to share her lessons in senior care with others in need of assisted living in New Jersey. In Central New Jersey there are many assisted living communities, each with its own personality, entrance requirements, costs, and level of services.  Furthermore, assisted living facilities are very different from nursing homes. They offer a home-like lifestyle and are considerably less expensive. Unless your parent is bed-ridden, assisted living is usually the better option. However, it is critical to find a caring environment that exactly meets your parent’s individual and financial needs. Lisa will provide you with a clear, step-by-step framework, matching your parent to the best facility, and enabling you to work through these challenging decisions.

The role of Certified Senior Advisor is one of trust, caring, and support in the guidance provided.

Moving homes is never easy and life altering transitions for our aging loved one can be emotional, complex and heartbreaking. Ask-Carol! helps families work through these challenging times, guiding you through the maze of options and services. We understand that every situation is unique and personal. Our Certified Senior Advisors:

  • Guide you through an often complicated process.
  • Ask questions you might overlook.
  • Find targeted financing options for your budget.
  • Suggest homes based on your parent’s specific needs.
  • Offer personal support during a stressful time.

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