Find The Right Assisted Living Or Nursing Home Anywhere in the US. Let Carol Guide You.

Carol’s Mom with great-granddaughter

  • Do you have a parent who needs Assisted Living or a Nursing Home?
  • Has Home Care become too expensive or intrusive? Aides come and gone?
  • Do you need immediate personal help finding the best solution?
  • Are you concerned about how you will afford it?
  • Do you feel like you are all alone and no one cares?

I’m Carol, and I founded Ask-Carol in 2009. I know what you are going through because I’ve been through it myself with my Mom and I have helped many families just like yours. Talk to me right now at 1-732-982-1616 or fill out my Contact Form. I’m ready to work with you, offer support, and help you to find the best community for your parent.

Assisted living facilities are very different from nursing homes. They offer a home-like lifestyle and are considerably less expensive. Unless your parent is bed-ridden, assisted living is usually the better option. As for Home Care, that’s for short term use – it gets very expensive and can be very unreliable.

“You Lifted The
Weight Of The World
From My Shoulders.
Thank You!”
– Mary B.

There are many assisted living communities, each with its own personality, entrance requirements, costs, and level of services, so it is important to find the one that exactly meets your parent’s needs. Moving from home is never easy, and every situation is unique and personal. It’s critical to find the one that exactly meets your parent’s care and financial needs. I’ll help you work through these challenging decisions.

I’ll Guide You From Start To Finish – At No Cost

  • Guiding you through an often complicated process
  • Asking questions you might – and probably will – overloo
  • Helping find financing options to meet your budget
  • Suggesting best ways to introduce assisted living to your parent
  • Introducing only specific communities that meet your parents needs
  • Providing support during a stressful time

Unlike others that just give you a list of places to call – or worse pass your phone number to facilities without even speaking with you – we’ll work together to find the best matches and then I’ll introduce you to them. I know the key people to talk with. Then I’ll continue working with you as long as you need me.

Talk With Me!

Call me at 1-732-982-1616 or fill out my Contact Form. I’ll talk with you personally and we’ll work together to find the right place. If your parent needs convincing, I’ll help you with that, too. Later I’ll share some of my experiences that will make the transition go smoothly.

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