Carol’s MomI’VE BEEN THROUGH WHAT YOU ARE GOING THROUGH. I took care of my own Mom for years. Some things I did right, and some I did wrong, but I always wanted the best for her as she progressed from physical problems to dementia.

DEALING WITH PARENTS ISN’T EASY. Someone told me that elderly parents and young children are much the same. They both want independence, but can’t deal with it. I saw this with my Mom as I had to step in and start making decisions for her. Sometimes she agreed with them, and sometimes she didn’t.

I STILL REMEMBER THE DAY I TOLD HER SHE NEEDED ASSISTED LIVING. It didn’t go well. Her response was immediate: “You just want to get rid of me.” This was followed by “I’d rather die first.” I wasn’t expecting that. She and I had always been very close, and I was a good daughter, but at that point I realized that her sense of self-preservation trumped our relationship.

SO I WENT BACK TO SQUARE ONE. After talking with my husband, Bill (who later decided that he wanted to help the elderly and became a Certified Senior Advisor), a nurse whom I knew, and her doctor, I put together a plan.

THE PLAN WORKED. Underneath all the emotion, she knew she couldn’t be independent any longer, and I was able to convince her that Assisted Living gave her the best opportunity to enjoy her remaining years. She lived to 99!

I’VE PUT MY PLAN INTO AN ASK-CAROL! BROCHURE, FREE FOR DOWNLOAD. I hope it helps you, but my staff and I are here to help. I’ve personally worked with over 1,500 families and each has been a little different. Each Ask-Carol!Plan has to be a little different, too. So we will work with you to overcome the objections.