Why Assisted Living?

Assisted Living is Even Better Than Living at Home

WHAT EXACTLY IS ASSISTED LIVING? IS IT LIKE A NURSING HOME? Assisted Living Facilities and Skilled Nursing Facilities (the technical name for nursing homes) are as different as day and night, but few people, especially seniors, know that. That’s because Assisted Living has only existed for about thirty years and our own parents knew only of the nursing home, and its hospital beds and steel cabinets.

SO LET’S SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT. Assisted Living Facilities have studios, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments with kitchenettes and private baths, plus dining, assistance with activities of daily living, medications, transportation to doctors, trips, entertainment, mental and physical exercise, and activities. Most importantly they offer companionship with peers.

MANY RESIDENTS DESCRIBE THEM AS LIKE RESORT HOTELS, even better than living at home. Residents can furnish and decorate their apartments, and even have pets.

ASSISTED LIVING FACILITIES VARY WIDELY in the level of care that they provide. Some, often called Personal Care Homes are small and quite basic, while others provide services at the level of a Skilled Nursing Facility, but in a homelike setting. Most provide services for residents with dementia, often in a separate and secure area of the Facility.

MOST PARENTS CAN AFFORD ASSISTED LIVING. There are many programs to help make Assisted Living affordable, and it is rare for a person to not be able to find a facility within reasonable distance of home or family. Programs such as Medicaid, Long Term Care Insurance, VA Aid & Attendance, bridge loans, and early cash-in of insurance policies all help. Ask-Carol! will point you in the right direction on these programs.

USE OF NURSING HOMES HAS BEEN DECLINING as more and more families recognize the benefits of Assisted Living. Today, nursing homes are for the sickest of the sick, often the bedridden.

HOME CARE IS FOR SHORT-TERM USE, primarily for those returning home from rehab who need temporary assistance. It was never intended for long term care, and is not suitable for it.

If your parent can no longer live independently, then Assisted Living may be the answer. We can help you decide.