Find The Right Assisted Living
or Nursing Home In the Piedmont Triad area

Doug ShellabargerHi, my name is Doug Shellabarger, and I am Carol’s Senior Living Advisor in the Piedmont Triad area. About 15 years ago, I got a close-up view into the challenges many of us will have to face as we make tough decisions about where to direct a loved one when their everyday needs outweigh their ability to cope.

After my grandmother Mally had a fall in her Florida winter rental home, my parents immediately drove directly down to Sarasota to pick her up and retrieve her things. It became clear that day that she needed more assistance than we could provide so far away. Little did we know, this was the start of a long journey with many difficult choices.

As you can imagine, finding the appropriate place was a huge undertaking. There are so many options. Where to begin? No one had done any research. What facility would be the perfect place for Mally?

While we did end up finding a wonderful place for Mally, it was hard. We needed help that just wasn’t available or we had no idea where to look. I want to provide families like my own with that assistance.

For the past 17 years, I have lived and worked in the Piedmont Triad. I have spent a long career in the Healthcare Industry seeing firsthand many of the challenges that face caregivers, families and patients.

I have come to appreciate the difficult life choices facing our families, and the absence of personal, caring professionals to provide one-on-one guidance through this process. It is my dream to take what I have learned from my time in the healthcare industry and parlay it into this specific need in my own community.

doug-shellabarger-with-momThat’s my Mom with me at the left.

I will personalize my service for you and your family’s particular needs. This task could be taken off your plate while I pick up the burden of finding the most appropriate solution for your loved one based on their individual needs and finances.

Placing a loved one in an assisted living home/facility is never an easy decision, but I am here to provide support during the process of identifying resources that will help with:

    • Financial Concerns
    • Choosing the best fit for you in the community
    • Giving personal support when you need it

I am available 24/7 for your family’s needs. Please call me at 336-848-7474 days, evenings or weekends or fill out my contact form. My services are FREE. My promise to help you through your difficult time is priceless.