Ask-Carol! Answers The Most Popular Questions

9SC_5387-Reverse-crop-resizedHere are answers to common questions that Ask-Carol! receives, but your questions are likely to be much more complex, so be sure to call or fill in our form to get direct answers.

HOW DID YOU GET STARTED? As you can see at Carol’s Story, it all started with my own Mom who had two broken shoulders and a broken hip before she and I realized that she couldn’t be at home any longer. I made a lot of mistakes, but also learned from them and I share that with my clients.

WILL I REALLY GET TO SPEAK WITH YOU? Yes, I am always available to speak with you. My staff and franchisees will give you my personal phone number upon request. I am very easy to reach and respond to every call.

IF YOUR SERVICE IS FREE, HOW DO YOU MAKE MONEY? When one of our clients moves a family member into an Assisted Living Facility that I suggest, the facility may pay us for the referral. Much of our time, however, is spent helping families for whom we will receive no compensation.

IF I SEND A QUESTION OR NEED HELP, HOW FAST WILL ASK-CAROL! RESPOND?Almost always the same day – often in minutes.

HOW DO I KNOW THAT THE FACILITIES ASK-CAROL! SUGGESTS ARE REALLY THE RIGHT ONES FOR MY LOVED ONE? We are very careful to suggest facilities that match your loved one’s needs. Almost all of our clients select one of them. To my knowledge, no one has ever moved out. I’m proud of that.

WHAT ARE YOUR CRITERIA FOR CHOOSING FACILITIES TO WORK WITH? Their management is the key. I make an effort to meet the senior management of all my facilities. If the management is good, its facilities will also be good. There are of course many other factors.

dreamstime_5552668-2-300x200CAN WE AFFORD ASSISTED LIVING?You probably can. Programs such as VA and Medicaid often contribute, and we can help you decide what is affordable for your parent. Medicare, by the way, does not pay for Assisted Living.

CAN A FACILITY THROW MY PARENT OUT IF WE RUN OUT OF MONEY? If funding runs low most facilities will either keep your parent, especially if he or she has resided there for several years, or help you find another facility or perhaps a nursing home. Facilities take this into account during the admission process. None of my clients has been asked to leave.

WHY SHOULD I USE YOUR SERVICE RATHER THAN ANOTHER ONE? Because we really are experts in senior care. The Ask-Carol! staff, franchisees, and I spend many hours with each client, guiding you from start to finish. I want every placement to be successful.

HOW QUICKLY CAN I GET A FAMILY MEMBER INTO ASSISTED LIVING? I’ve done it in a day, but usually it will take a few days because the facility needs to get medical records, prescriptions, and so on.

HOW DO I KNOW IF MY PARENT QUALIFIES FOR ASSISTED LIVING OR MUST GO INTO A NURSING HOME? Strangely enough, this largely depends on the rules of the state in which your parent resides. Some states allow aging-in-place, so that nearly anyone who is not bedridden can be accepted into Assisted Living and remain there for life. Other states have a broader line between Assisted Living and a nursing home and may require, for example, that a person in a wheelchair go into a nursing home.