Find the Right Assisted Living or Nursing Home
In Suffolk County, Long Island – At No Cost to You


My name is Marissa DeChiaro, and I’m one of Carol’s Senior Living Advisors in Suffolk County, Long Island.  

I was an LPN at a nursing home for many years, leaving to raise my three children. I watched firsthand how much stress so many of my patients’ families were under when it came to their ailing loved one. There are so many facets to this process that when you are in the heat of the situation you cannot possibly process them all. At Ask-Carol we are able to focus in on all the issues and make sure we take some of the burden off the family. I have extensive experience dealing with all types of health issues from basic trouble walking to full-blown dementia. I feel the best way I can help with the aging community and their families is with assisting in their plans for long term care.    

I recently had to help with my husband’s grandfather as he aged. He had many health issues and the family was at a loss of how to care for him. He had extensive kidney failure, dementia, an aneurysm and open wounds that needed constant care. By leaving him home with care for most of the time we were unable to give him the full attention that he needed. This is what many families go through. Eventually he was placed in a nursing home and passed when he failed to thrive there. What I noticed the most during this time was the stress placed on my mother-in-law. She spent every free second caring for him. Had I known then what I know today about senior care I could have offered more guidance.  

Between being a nurse and having family issues with an aging loved one, I can understand both sides of the care coin that many families are faced with. I had the advantage of fully understanding the medical side of scenario, most families do not. This time should be spent enjoying your loved ones lives and not stressing or even feeling guilty of the choices you have made for their care. I have visited tons of rehabilitation centers and assisted living facilities in our area so I am well versed in which ones can provide the right care for your aging family member. I will be able to focus in on your loved one’s needs and make this decision as painless as possible. Everyone should enjoy the later years of their lives. No one should feel guilt or resentful or any of those negative emotions. Finding assisted living that best suits their needs is our specialty. In those situations where a nursing home is required, I’ll help with that, too. I can also pair you with industry leaders in elderlaw and real estate.  

Together with my partner Kristen, we will help guide you through all the tasks associated with finding the right place for your loved one. We will ask questions you didn’t think of and we will offer you financing options that you may not be aware are available in assisted living facilities Suffolk.  

I will help you with tasks such as…

  • Guide you through an often complex process
  • Ask questions you might overlook
  • Find financing options for your budget
  • Suggest the communities best for your parent
  • Offer personal support during a difficult time

Call me at 631-721-0449 or fill out our Contact Form days, evenings and weekends.  I promise I will help you through this difficult time. My help is at no cost to you!

I serve those needing independent living, assisted living, or nursing home care in Suffolk County, Long Island, NY from my home in the county.