When Mom Says No to Assisted Living… and She Means It.

Most Moms initially say no to assisted living (Dads are usually willing), and changing Mom’s mind isn’t easy – unless you let someone else, preferably outside the family, help.

My Mom needed assisted living (home care was a disaster) but each time I tried to talk with her she would cut me off and refuse to talk about it.

One of my neighbors is a nurse, and she suggested that I get my Mom’s doctor involved. My Mom loved her doctor and that made a lot of sense, so I went in to see him, and he agreed to talk to her about assisted living. She went to the doctor monthly, so on her next visit he spoke with her with her. It helped.

My Mom and I then had a couple of heart-to-heart talks, and she agreed to at least visit an assisted living facility – she had never been to one. To shorten this story, she loved assisted living, just as most Moms do.

If your Mom is resisting assisted living, stop talking to her about it and instead find some support. It could be her doctor, clergy, friend, or someone else whom she trusts. Sometimes I can help, and I’d be glad to speak with your Mom and answer her questions.

I’m here to help you, and you should feel free to call me as many times as you like. Together, we can get it done. Mom will be happier and safer in assisted living, and a huge weight will be lifted from your shoulders.

If you would like to know more about this, click here to download my pamphlet. I think it will help.

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